News & Updates: September, 2017

▶  1946 Moore's Ford Lynching Case: Victory!


Judge Marc Thomas Treadwell today ruled that Anthony S. Pitch's motion to unseal the Grand Jury testimony from the 1946 Moore's Ford Grand Jury has been granted ...  READ MORE  >>


▶  1946 Moore's Ford Lynching Case


The gruesome story of one of the most heinous unsolved mass murders in American history may soon be drawing to a close thanks to the long-standing efforts of author/historian ...  READ MORE  >>


▶  Do Interns Work Free? Know the Law!


Interns bring a variety of beneficial skills to the workplace; however, they cannot generally be used to complete the unfinished work or projects of your current employees. ...  READ MORE  >>


▶  Business News


In the sale of a business, David Shivas represented a national beverage distributor in the sale of its assets to a large competitor. Mr. Shivas negotiated the transaction and ...  READ MORE  >>


▶  Personal Injury & Wrongful Death


David Shivas successfully represented a client who suffered significant permanent injury to her wrist in a fall on stairs that were not compliant with governing building codes   READ MORE  >>



Employment Law

David Shivas, as lead counsel, recovered $150,000 for a former administrative employee of a labor organization. The employee was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for his disclosure of improper practices   More ...



Consumer Fraud

David Shivas represented a home owner and obtained judgment against a contractor for Consumer Fraud relating to an $85,000 construction project undertaken at the client’s home.   More ...



White Collar Crime

David Shivas successfully represented a client who was indicted and charged with several white collar crimes by the United States Attorney. The client received a sentence of probation instead of the 48 months   More ...



NJ Criminal Defendants

One of the biggest mistakes clients and potential clients make in the criminal context is making statements to the police without having first obtained a competent criminal defense attorney.   More ...




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