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The Value We Provide

My company,, LLC, creates fresh, relevant and impeccably written content — perfectly blended with high impact visuals —  that reinforces your value in the minds of customers and motivates them to respond through powerful calls-to-action.

Our Services

For individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and organizations of all kinds, we offer the following products and services (all with tiered pricing):

  • Writing, Authoring, Content Creation
  • Value Proposition Analysis & Brand Coaching
  • Online Portfolios, Galleries, Exhibits
  • LinkedIn Profiles (Personal and Business)
  • Web Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Business Presentations & Slide Decks
  • Graphics and Visuals to Support Content Creation
  • Marketing Collateral (Brochures, Flyers, Ad Cards, etc.)


Writing/Authoring — Samples

Books, E-Books, & Articles

LinkedIn Post, 4/4/2016
  Build an Ironclad Value Proposition

LinkedIn Post, 2/16/2016
  The Super Secure Stealth Key

LinkedIn Post, 8/31/2015
  Why Do Planes Crash?

LinkedIn Post, 6/23/2015
  The Story Power of Iconic Photographs

LinkedIn Post, 5/27/2015
  The Audi Drone Ad: For the Birds?

LinkedIn Post, 4/28/2015
  Why They're Lighting Up The Matterhorn This Year

LinkedIn Post, 2/20/2015
  Unstoppable Brand Momentum


Branding & The Value Proposition — Samples


Soup-to-Nuts Breakdown of Brand-Building
  Build Your Brand

Why Brands Originate With a Value Proposition
  The Birth of a Brand

Branding Captured in a Mathematical Equation? Yes!
  The Mathematics of Personal Branding

Where and How All This "Branding Stuff" Got Started
  Where Do You Stand on the Personal Brand?

Branded Slide Decks Work Well on LinkedIn Profiles!
  Tommy Dullaghan: Branding Slide Deck

A Single Page Captures Everything!
  The Branding Process fron 30,000 Feet


Marketing — Samples

Marketing Collateral: Client and Promotional

Client: Rod Colon
  Own Your Career Ad Card, LLC
  LinkedIn Profile Marketing Flyer

Client: Ralph Hansen, Owner
  Caring Coach (Ad Card)

Client: Tommy Dullaghan
  BiCoastal Data Technologies Ad Card

Client: Rod Colon
  Rod Colon Marketing Brochure

Client: Ted Santos
  Board of Veteran CEOs

Client: Luke Meisenbacher
  Discover the NEW North Dakota!


Presentations — Samples

Brands and Brand-Building

Client: ExecuNet — Pittsburgh, PA Chapter
  Executive Traction with LinkedIn

Client: Montville Township (NJ) Chamber of Commerce
  Personal Branding: Fuel Injection for Your Business

Client: Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP Networking Group)
  Build Your Brand

Client: Northern NJ Networking Group
  The Basics of Personal Branding

Client: Central New Jersey Networking Group
  Turbocharge Your LinkedIn Profile

Client: Rod Colon & Associates
  7-Steps Job Aid (Rod Colon)

Client: The Caring Coach (Ralph Hansen, President)
  The Caring Coach


Web Site Design — Samples, LLC Clients

Slide Deck Promo for "Win The Race ..."
  Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs

Donegal Association of New York
  Donegal Association of New York

James Karr Piano
  James Karr Piano

BiCoastal Data Technologies
  BiCoastal Data Technologies

Jibber Jobber Interactive Marketing
  Jibber Jobber (Jason Alba)

Scholastic Store | Soho, NYC  (no longer active)
  Scholastic Store | Soho, NYC

Scholastic Kids Press Corps  (no longer active)
  Scholastic Kids Press Corps (PDF)


About Chip

About Chip

Chip Hartman Bio  |  Master List of Publications  |  LinkedIn Profile

Personal Interests

Classical Music & Classical Piano (Performance), Animals, France, Digital Photography, Chemistry, Astronomy, College Football, Major League Baseball


  Burns, Tom (Tom Burns Technical Services)
  Colon, Rod (Rod Colon Consulting)
  Davidson, Tom (Financial Services & IT Professional)
  Dullaghan, Tommy (Sr IT Proj Mgr, Penn Nat'l Insurance)
  Durham, Tina (Sr Performance Solutions Specialist, Chubb)
  Durham, Tom (Trg Developer, Afilias)
  Germansky, Mark (Weichert Realtors)
  Karr, James (James Karr Piano)
  Marshall, Jess (Farmers Insurance)
  Thomas, Russell J. (Scholastic and AT&T)

References will be provided upon request.