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High Impact Value Propositions for Individuals and Business Owners

The Answer?  — Your Value Proposition!

Be able to give a clear, concise description of your products or services.

What segment of the market is likely to have an interest in you?

How do you provide solutions to your customers' most challenging problems?

How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

We Build Value Propositions for Individuals and Businesses

In collaboration with our clients, we build forceful value propositions with high-impact, crystal-clear language that gives their marketing assets "teeth." A forceful value proposition must create four distinct impressions in the mind of your customer - which he or she will "process" as one overall impression:

  • Clarity ("I understand your offerings")
  • Credibility ("I believe what you're telling me")
  • Appeal ("I want what you provide") and
  • Exclusivity ("I can't find what you provide anywhere else")

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Are We A Good Fit For You? ...

●  Individual in transition
●  Individual entrepreneurs
●  Small & medium-sized businesses
●  Organizations of all kinds and sizes
●  Companies needing fresh ideas in web & print-based marketing
●  Businesses needing regularly scheduled, original web content
●  Businesses or organizations that require re-branding
●  Companies that need professional business communications


Customer-Defined Value & Benefits

A Distinctive Command of Language

Our brand is at stake, too!
We put our brand on the line with a distinctive command of the English language - to give your all of your marketing assets the value force you'll need to compete in the marketplace.

Tiered Pricing for All Services

Make the project fit the budget!
We don't believe in "one size fits all" for any of the services we offer. All projects are quoted based on a careful analysis of each customer's requirements. Scope and budget are scaled to meet individual needs.

Extended Customer Support

Zero-fee post-project maintenance
Every project we manage comes with a negotiated period of zero-cost support once the project has been completed. We ensure that clients can transition smoothly into maintenance mode.

Web & Print: We've Got You Covered

Delivering the best of both worlds!
Equally comfortable in 72 dpi and 300 dpi graphics environments, we provide clients with the highest quality online and print marketing assets. We have an extensive network of graphics and visual support professionals.

Save Time & Money:  Writing/Coding/Graphics

Why hire 3 separate consultants?
We can save clients a significant amount of money by integrating all phases of the publication process. From content creation and online delivery platforms to publication design, project costs are always reasonable.

Long Distance Projects:  No Problem

Do business with us anywhere!
With today's mobile economy, collaboration at a distance is a business necessity. We use online collaboration tools such as GoToMeeting (Citrix) or other customer-preferred screen-sharing tools.


Of Special Mention ...


We've opened up a Mini-Portfolio Page to display customer-requested content dealing with value propositions, branding and marketing. Look for links to new articles, slide decks and video, too.


Our Special Focus ...

  • Value Propositions
  • Brand Storytelling
  • LinkedIn Profiles

    We're not going to hide it ... in fact, we're proud of it ... everything related to your brand begins with a forceful value proposition. Your value proposition tells customers: 1) who you are; 2) what you do; 3) the benefits they can acquire by engaging you; and 4) why you are the best choice to meet their needs. It's the "molten core" of all your marketing!

    Every time you can share a powerful brand story, your marketing message helps to answer your audience's natural curiosity about you; in addition, your story helps to build authenticity. We engineer engaging narratives that customers find refreshing and informative - then we embed that story within your most viable marketing assets!

    We write professionally branded LinkedIn Profiles. That means we begin the work with a thorough development of your value proposition, evolve the best brand message from it, then craft a Summary packed with clarity, credibility, appeal and exclusivity. We give LinkedIn Profiles a visual brand boost as well!


We're Published Authors!


Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs In August, 1997, Tom Peters coined the term "CEO of Me, Inc." ... suggesting that the new digital economy would require all business professionals to establish themselves as unique brands. Job-seeking, position advancement, promotions, and overall success in maintaining a viable career would now mandate that we all grasp the value proposition we offer to the global marketplace ... and be able to articulate it clearly and convincingly.

Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs is Master Networker  Rod Colon's vision of the new world of work and its daunting expectations. I was asked to collaborate with Rod on his first book back in late 2008. In February, 2010, "WTR21" was published by etp press (Denville, NJ) and placed for sale on Amazon.com. The book is a finely tuned blueprint for navigating the choppy seas of self-marketing and career management.

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